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The Moritz Family History

In all started in 1885... Carl Moritz had 13 children, most of which (and in some cases their spouses too) were involved in the business of making embroidered lace. As the years went on, the family dwindled, as did the business after the first World War and the depression years of 1929 - 1932.

The founder's 13th son, Carl J. Moritz Sr, and an older brother, Felix Moritz, survived the rest of the family and changed the business from lace to emblems, which remains the primary focus to this day. In 1934, Felix died and Carl continued the company as a partnership with Felix's widow, Fanny. Eventually Carl Moritz, Sr. became the sole owner.

Carl J. Moritz Jr. started putting in time at Moritz Embroidery around 1940. After graduating high school in 1943 and serving with the U.S. Marine Corps during the 2nd World War, Carl J. Moritz, Jr. was honorably discharged and returned to work with his father in 1946. Carl Moritz, Sr. passed away in 1956, leaving Carl J. Moritz, Jr. to assume the position of President.

As the company began to grow, it required more space than the 5,000 square foot facility on Vine Street in Philadelphia could provide. The business was relocated to North Philadelphia in 1970, to a newly remodeled, fully modernized, 10,000 square foot factory. In 1986 it was decided to move the business again, to an even larger facility, a custom-built 25,000 square foot manufacturing plant at our present location in the heart of the beautiful Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Carl J. Moritz III, son of Carl J. Moritz Jr, was the first family member to leave Philadelphia to open the new Moritz Embroidery Works facility in Mount Pocono, PA in 1987. He trained local workers to run and operate embroidery machines in order to start up Moritz Embroidery again in this new manufacturing facility in the Pocono Mountains. Carl J. Moritz III is now the President of The Moritz Embroidery Works, Inc. and is partners with his two sons, Carl Joseph Moritz and Brian Moritz, and his brother Stephen Moritz Sr.

Stephen J. Moritz Sr. joined the firm in 1968, and is the Corporate Secretary/Treasurer. Stephen is currently the company CFO and enjoys life with his wife and three children.

In 1989, the last of the current "Carls", Carl III's son Carl Joseph Moritz, graduated from high school and joined Moritz Embroidery. Carl Joseph now holds the position of Production Manager. Four years later, in 1993 Carl III's second son, Brian Moritz graduated from high school and joined the family business. Brian is now serving the company as National Sales Manager.

On February 6 2013, Carl J. Moritz Jr. passed away at the age of 87 years old as the President of The Moritz Embroidery Works and father of four children, grandfather to 11 grandchildren and great-grandfather to five great-grandchildren. Carl Jr. was a World War II marine veteran and a highly respected member of his church and community. On February 12, 2013, Carl J. Moritz III took over as President of The Moritz Embroidery Works Inc. and his two sons Carl Joseph Moritz and Brian Moritz were appointed Vice Presidents' of the company.

With over 130 years of experience behind us and with the fourth and fifth generations of the Moritz family working to guide the Moritz Embroidery Works in the 21st century, we are excited by the challenges and opportunities to come.



We've come a long way since 1885.