Custom BSA® Neckerchiefs

The neckerchief has been a symbol of the Scouting movement around the world for generations. Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, said that “the scarf or neckerchief is folded into a triangle with the point at the back of the neck. Every Troop has its own scarf color, and since the honor of your Troop is bound up in the scarf, you must be very careful to keep it clean and tidy.” If you’re looking for a great custom neckerchief, and are unsure of where to start, Moritz Embroidery Works will guide you through the process of creating a custom BSA®-approved neckerchief from beginning to end. The Moritz Embroidery Works, Inc. has been producing Boy Scout® emblems and neckerchiefs as far back as 1950. We take pride as one of the most experienced licensee out there. Our goal is to produce the highest quality neckerchiefs at the fairest prices.

Basic Neckerchief Options

Pointed/Straight Corner

Rounded/Curved Corner

Hemmed Edge

Piping Edge

Merrowed Edge

Special Neckerchief Options

Neckerchief with a double-border

Neckerchief with a triple-border

Neckerchief with a split-color body

Creating a Custom Neckerchief

Let The Moritz Embroidery Works help you design a custom embroidered neckerchief for your troop, pack, crew, lodge, camp, or event.

You can pick your own colors – with hundreds of combinations possible. All solid colors are available on our neckerchiefs with your choice of matching or contrasting sewn outer trim. Two-color body designs are also available. Orders can even “mix and match” to include various color combinations in order to fulfill an order minimum.

In addition to our time-tested embroidered neckerchiefs, Moritz is proud to offer beautiful, high-quality digitally-printed neckerchiefs. We can print unlimited colors, edge-to-edge, to create a beautiful custom neckerchief with a unique and memorable design that you’ll be proud to wear. Put a photograph, a special pattern, a detailed logo, a camp map, or your own unique design or photograph right onto one of our high-quality neckerchiefs! We can even combine embroidery with our digitally-printed neckerchief options to make a beautiful neckerchief any Scout would be proud to wear.

Neckerchiefs can come with either a straight/pointed or a curved/rounded bottom edge. Blank neckerchiefs, direct-embroidery and sewn-on emblems are available on any neckerchief style.

We only use the finest “wrinkle-free” poly-cotton fabrics to create your custom neckerchiefs and all neckerchiefs are hand cut, sewn and inspected before and after they are embroidered. Our standard official-size BSA® neckerchiefs are 49.5″x35″x35″. Cub Scout®-sized neckerchiefs are available in 37″x25″x 25″ for smaller Scouts. Custom-made larger or smaller neckerchiefs are available at no extra charge; just let us know what you need.

Neckerchiefs are priced as low as $7.50 each based on quantity. Minimum orders start at just 25 pieces. Production and delivery usually takes two weeks or less.