Emblem Terms, Types, & Special Features

Emblem Types

Partially-Embroidered Emblems on Twill

Partially sticked design with background base cloth showing. The less stitching on the emblem, the more inexpensive the patch.

100% Fully-Embroidered Emblems

A fully-stitched high-class emblem with thread covering the entire patch. No base cloth is left exposed. Fill stitching is used to cover all areas of the design with thread.

Digitally-Printed Emblems

Fully digitally printed (sublimation) emblems. Allows for photo-realistic images and fine details.

Combination Emblems

Combine classic Swiss embroidery with digital-printing.

Chenille Emblems

Chenille high-loop embroidered emblems have that classic wool-like texture and feel.

Bonnaz Emblems

Bonnaz emblems have that beautiful coin-stitched look.

Bullion Emblems

Hand-embroidered emblems or crests made with gold or silver bullion wire along with the finest silk threads.

Woven Emblems or Tags

Custom woven labels on rolls or individually cut.

Special Effects and Features

Cut-to-Shape Emblem

Tired of the same old circular or square patch? There is no shape we can’t create!

Metalic Thread

Give your patch a shine or shimmer with our colorful section of metallic threads.

Glow-in-the-Dark Thread

Have your patch stand out in the dark with our cool glow-in-the-dark thread options.

Ghosted Emblem

Single-color ghost stitched designs or varients can really make your patch stand out!

Merrow Border

Best with simple shapes, this outter border wraps a locking stich around the emblem’s edge to provide a clean and uniform look.

Hot-Knife Edge

Provides a thin and flat edge for emblems of any shape.

Button Loop

A 3/4″ wide braided button loop can be sewn onto the top back of any emblem for quick and easy attaching to a uniform pocket button.

Patch Sets

Creature matching patches in a series or set.

Puffed "Raised" Embroidery

Give your patch a unique 3D look and have your design really “pop” off the emblem with our raised “puff” embroidery.

Double-Swinging Emblems

Create a patch with a unique swinging piece attached with a brass grommet to give a 3D, layered and moving element to you design.

Hook-and-Loop Rocker Patches

Easily attached rocker peices with Velcro hook and loop combination emblem.

LED Lighted Emblems

We can add any number of colored blinking LED lights to your emblem.

Backing Types

PVC Backing

Standard patch backing used for stabilization and sew-on purposes.

BSA PVC Backing

Required for all Boy Scout patches, features the BSA’s Official Licenced Scouting Product seal.

Hook-and-Loop Backing

Velcro hook and/or loop backing available.

Felt Backing

Soft felt backing.

BSA Patch Types

Council Shoulder Patch (CSP)

Per the BSA’s licencing guidlines and the BSA’s Guide to Insignia, all CSP emblems must measure  2.0″ x 5.0″ and include a PatchScan QR code.

Order of the Arrow (OA) Pocket Flap

Per the BSA’s licencing guidlines and the BSA’s Guide to Insignia, all OA pocket flap emblems must fit the exact size and shape of the uniform pocket flap (2.25″-2.50″ high x 5.00″ wide) and include a PatchScan QR code.

Custom Unit Numerals

Custom single-piece patches with two, three or four digit unit numerals and with or without veteran’s bar. Available in Boy Scout tan and green, or in red and white for Cub Scout packs or Venturing crews.

Jamboree Shoulder Patch (JSP) Set

Per the BSA’s licencing guidlines and the BSA’s Guide to Insignia, all JSP emblems must be an approved JSP shape and size (2.0″x 5.0″) and include a PatchScan QR code.