Q: What is the difference between a custom embroidered “emblem” and a custom embroidered “patch”?

A: Absolutely nothing, both names relate to the same product. As professional embroiderers we use the trade or industry phrase,”custom embroidered emblem”. Most customers refer to them as ‘patches’. In other words, the word Patch is slang for embroidered emblem. Whichever name you use, patches or emblems, the end result is the same.

Q: Will my custom embroidered emblem look just like my artwork design?

A: Yes. In most cases we can match your artwork but it really depends on the quality of artwork that you send to us.The higher the quality of art, the more we can match it. As long as the artwork is clean and the details and colors are sharp and clear, we can manufacture a beautiful custom emblem for you.

If you send us an existing embroidered emblem we can recreate it 100% without question. We match it exactly or if it needs improvements or is of lower quality than our standards, we will correct it automatically. In most cases the quality of our embroidered emblems exceeds the customer’s original.

Q: What is the minimum size lettering I can use for my patches?

A: The minimum size lettering is often a concern when converting your printed artwork or color sketch into an embroidered emblem. We recommend that your lettering height be a minimum of .25” (one quarter inch) to assure nice clean legible lettering. If our artists find it necessary to reduce the size of your lettering they will make every effort to keep it crisp, clear and legible. We have been told by many of our customers that we offer the smallest, cleanest and clearest embroidered lettering in the industry, no matter what the size. If you’re not sure what size works best, just leave the lettering size decision up to our highly experienced artists.

Q: What does the term 100% fully embroidered mean?

A: 100% fully embroidered emblems have complete thread coverage on all the fabric throughout your emblem.

No twill fabric will be showing in your embroidered emblem. 100% coverage is guaranteed no matter what details your emblem includes. In other words this would be the ‘Cadillac’ of embroidered emblems.

There is no better quality emblem than 100% fully embroidered.

Q: Will I be able to approve the art that you create for me?

A: Yes, if requested, a few days after we receive your order we will e-mail you a full color emblem sketch for your approval. We request that we receive your approval or any desired changes within 5 business days.

Q: What is your charge if I need more that 9 thread colors in my embroidered emblem?

A: We charge 0.10 for each color over 9 Colors in your emblem. However if Metallic, Glow in the Dark or UV threads are involved then our charge would be based on the percentage of this special type thread used.

Q: Will I be able to see a sample of my custom embroidered emblem before it goes into production?

A: Yes, if requested you will receive, via e-mail, a scanned image of your embroidered emblem before it goes into production. You will be able to make any necessary changes; like thread color changes or small detail changes at this time.

Q: What is the minimum order you will accept for custom emblems?

A: 50 pieces is our minimum order for standard sized custom embroidered emblems. However, if you are looking for larger size jacket back style emblems, we will accept orders of just 25 pieces.

Q: What will my custom embroidered emblem cost and what are your prices based on?

A: Good question! Our custom embroidered emblem prices are based on the size and the amount of embroidery thread coverage in your emblem, along with any specialty threads or extra colors (over 9) used. Your sales representative will give you a firm price on the phone or by e-mail before you place your order.

As a kind of ‘rule of thumb’, the average 3-inch emblem, 100% fully-embroidered with 9 colors will cost you about $1.00 per emblem based an a 200 piece order. As the number of pieces decreases, the price increases, and the reverse is also true.

No matter the quantity, we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality and lowest price on your custom embroidered emblems.

Q: What is the production and delivery time for custom made embroidered emblems?

A: We normally complete and ship out our custom embroidered emblems within 2 weeks of the receipt of your order, artwork or sample approval. We can ship your emblems by FedEx, UPS Ground Service, Second (2) Day Air Service or Ovennight (1) Day Air Service. Just discuss your delivery requirements with your sales representative when placing your order.

If you need your emblems faster, a one week rush service is available at no extra production cost. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Q: Can I pick my embroidered emblems up at your factory?

A: Yes! We would be happy to hand deliver our finely crafted emblems to you in person. If time and circumstances allow, we’d even be happy to give you a tour of the factory and show you exactly how your emblems were made.