The Moritz Embroidery Works sends our thoughts and prayers to the staff, Scouts and Scouters effected by the ongoing wildfires at the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. We recognize and appreciate all the dedication, coordination and enthusiasm that goes into preparing for a Philmont trek as we’ve have the privilege to work with contingents from all across the nation as they prepare for the experience of a lifetime. We sympathize with those whose plans may have been altered as a result of the Ute Park Fire.

We were inspired by the demonstration of goodwill and Scouting spirit shown by fellow licensee and would like to echo their sentiment and offer to our customers as well. To any Scout customers who ordered Philmont emblems, shirts or other items from the Moritz Embroidery Works, please contact us if your trek number has been changed or if your trek has been cancelled. If your trek has been changed, we will replace your items with the new trek information at no cost. And if your trek has been cancelled, we’ll offer a full refund on your order.

We hope that everyone remains safe, we thank the team that is working to fight and contain the blaze, and we hope that Philmont is able to recover from the damages of the fires and continue to offer memorable experiences to Scouts for generations to come.