Look sharp holding your neckerchief together and show your unit pride with a custom neckerchief slide from the Moritz Embroidery Works! As an official licensee for all promotional products for the Boy Scouts of America®, we take pride in producing custom BSA® neckerchief slides for Scouting groups around the world. We can provide you with a custom neckerchief slide to perfectly match any custom neckerchief.

We have several stock designs available for easy customization. Additionally, we are capable of producing fully-customized slides with your logo or design – perfect for individual councils, districts, training events, OA lodges, and camp stores. Small quantities (50 pieces) available for individual troop or pack orders.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and we’ll work to get you the best slide, at the best price, for your troop, pack, crew, OA lodge, summer camp or Scouting event.

Aluminum Neckerchief Slides

Our beautiful anodized aluminum neckerchief slides come in both silver and gold colors with Scouting logos and your troop number or custom text printed on each slide. In addition to our standard BSA stock designs, fully-customized logos and designs can be printed on our aluminum sides to make a unique slide that really stand out.

Tubular Brass Neckerchief Slides

Our beautiful tubular brass neckerchief slides are 1.25″ high by 1.0″ diameter with a raised die-stamped and enamel painted BSA logo. All slides come with your troop or pack number in either silver and gold.

Twill Neckerchief Slides

Our BSA® twill neckerchief slides measure 1¾” high by 4¼” wide and fasten into ring with a sturdy hook-and-loop backing. With our affordable pricing, these soft cloth slides make great awards for Scouts and leaders and are a great addition to any Scout uniform.

3-Hole Twill Neckerchief Slides

Our flat 3-hole twill neckerchief slides measure 3½” high by 3” wide and come embroidered in your choice of colors and design. With our affordable pricing, these soft cloth slides with sturdy PVC backing make great awards for Scouts and leaders and make any neckerchief look sharp.

Leather Neckerchief Slides

Get a custom-engraved cowhide leather neckerchief slide for your troop, pack, camp, council, district or OA lodge. We offer several styles and stock designs including triangular 3-hole slides, oval leather rings, and arrowhead-shaped slides. Please allow three weeks for production from the day we receive your artwork or slide details.

Call a Moritz Embroidery sales specialist at 800-533-4183 or request a price quote online at www.moritzembroidery.com. We’ll be honored to create a custom neckerchief slides that you and your Scouts will be proud to wear.